Frequently asked questions

What are the student conditions?

As a student you have unlimited access to all activities at Stadium at a reduced rate. To qualify for this, we ask that you bring along a certificate (student card or proof of registration) for the current school year at the moment of your registration and/or membership renewal. If you buy your membership online, we ask you to bring this certificate with you on your next visit to the club. Without this certificate you will no longer be able to enjoy the reduced rate.

What is the difference between a Cash and recurring subscription?

With a Cash subscription you pay in advance for a fixed period. With a subscription via recurring payment (Best Price or Flex) Stadium automatically collects monthly via SEPA, PayPal or credit card.

What is a recurring subscription?

A recurring subscription (Best price or Flex) is a subscription with recurring monthly payment. This payment can be collected via SEPA direct debit, PayPal or credit card. The recurring payment will be collected each month, the day depends on your original registration date.
For example, if you register on 15/01, the first recurring payment will be collected around 15/02.